Friends of TaLI

Friends of TaLI Toolkit

Maria Mapolisa

It is a membership group of individual and group supporters of TaLI, who believe in its mandate to Make the World a Safe Place for girls and young women, and they realise that for this work to happen, TaLI requires friends, sponsors, fundraisers, supporters who will do something tangible to support the organisation mainly financially, materially as well as with social capital (connections). These individuals are from across the world, at various stages in their professional, business and personal lives and are prepared to first of all donate money to TaLI as individuals either yearly, monthly depending on the period they want, as well as introduce TaLI to donors and partners for those who have such links. Over and above the financial support, FoTaLI members are ready to provide any voluntary skills to support TaLI work according to their own capacities and gifts. FoTaLI is the TaLI Founder Nyaradzo Mashayamombe’s initiative to ensure sustainable and flexible funding for the organisation, which is supported by Patrons, and the current patron is Reverend Molly Chitokwindo.

FoTaLI is Coordinated by TaLI staff as a Fundraising Initiative. Its members across the world work in liaison with the staff to inform them on their activities for coordination of the donations to the organisation. FoTaLI members are free to create chapters in their own spheres to invite more members, arrange fundraising activities in their regions to support TaLI work. Further information can be found in the FAQ about this.