A Brief about TaLI

Tag a Life International Trust(TaLI) is a Zimbabwean Girls and Young Women’s Rights organization whose mandate is to ‘Make the World a Safe Place for them’ through an Inclusive approach. TaLI implements under two pillars thus; Community Based Programmes (Prevention, Interventions) and Advocacy. Inspired by her own childhood challenges after growing up in rural Zimbabwe, Ms Nyaradzo Mashayamombe established TaLI now 7years old, to build life skills in girls and young women and to protect them from discrimination and abuse through knowledge of their rights, developing leadership skills and ability to take part in citizenry, economic and other opportunities that may arise within their communities. The organisation works with boys, men, leaders and communities to ensure the rights of girls and young women.

(a) Thematic Areas:

Through a Rights Based Approach and working with boys, men and communities, TaLI addresses the following problems that affect Girls and Young Women:

  1. Life Skills and Confidence Building in Girls and Young women
  2. Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights, HIV And AIDS
  3. Gender Based Violence(GBV), Gender Inequalities.
  4. Girls Education
  5. Psycho Social Support to Victims of abuse
  6. Economic Empowerment with young women (Advancing financial literacy at young age, as well as providing victims of abuse with fresh start including survivors of child marriages).
  7. Promoting Participation in Citizenry and Leadership opportunities
  8. Advocacy at a local, national, regional and international level to address negative practices, laws and policies that affect girls and young women’s lives.

(b) Strategy:

Work through Communities to Prevent discrimination, provide Interventions where it has occured, and to Advocate for new laws, norms and policies within communities, within the country, region and internationally: