What the FoTaLI Resources will achieve?

  1. Provide Psycho Social Support to Victims of rape, sexual and physical abuse as well as child marriages. An example is that of the Tsitsi Stacey Munjoma case where TaLI has supported the grand mother whose grand daughter was raped and subsequently killed in 2013. The organisation has provided money to the grandmother each time she goes to court as much as resources allow, and has sent staff members to accompany the family and sometimes make strategic noise in the press for such cases.
  2. Funds will be used to support TaLI institutional functions such as paying rentals, key volunteers, communications, administrations and other basic expenses that enable the organisation to function when resources are limited.
  3. The second project which we would like FoTaLI to support is the Education Initiative which TaLI started in 2015. Once the PSS is sustained, we want to focus on strengthening the education programme that seeks to have volunteers adopt a child and support them through their school life span.

The 2018 Target:

Our 2018 target is to have at least 100 FoTaLI members joining and paying a minimum of $100 in membership which will directly translate to at least $10 000.00. For further details about how payments are done and what else members do, please click HERE.