Friends of TaLI (FoTaLI)

A group of friends from across the world who support the work of TaLI financially donating money and other resources to see its work sustainably moving forward.

Who can join?

Any person above the age of 16 who believes in girls and young women empowerment, community development who is willing to donate money and other resources to TaLI, and are ready to do it as individuals or together with their colleagues.

Do i have to donate money before joining FoTaLI?

Yes! This is an initiative or a club for member who realise that TaLI requires resources especially financial, to support its mandate and FoTaLI is specifically to fundraise for TaLI. To join, you have to donate an amount which is according to your ability and be willing to be a friend for atleast 2years. The minimum donation per year is US $100, which can be donated at once or spread over a number of months during the year.

Can i create an event in my community to Fundraise for TaLI?

Yes, you can, as long as all proceeds or part proceeds will be forwarded to TaLI. In the event of part proceeds, the other has to either cover expenses of the event, or be donated to a like minded organisation. The event organisers will liaise with TaLI for procedures in running the event to ensure accountability and transparency.

Can i support another organisation at the same time support TaLI?

Yes you absolutely can! TaLI understands that supporters are often involved with other initiatives, and members are free to coordinate an event for more than one organisation at once as long as this is communicated and percentages towards TaLI are clearly communicated before the event.

How Often do i need to donate or raise funds to send to TaLI?

Atleast once a year to keep your membership. It is even better if members can donate monthly, or more than once a year depending on their own ability. It is recommended that to those who can, they can work on creating an event for fundraising once a year to give to TaLI. Others in the past have done marathon running to fundraise and donate to TaLI.

Can i recruit other people to join FoTaLI?

Yes absolutely! They can either join you to support your event or fundraising initiative, or they can simply join on their own to be a FoTaLI direct member who will also donate or hold their own events to donate. Feel free to work with your family at your initiative!

I’m a student, Can i make FoTaLI part of my project to meet the requirements of my programme, dissertation or community work?

Yes! We like university students, High school students who are pro-development work, and FoTaLI provides such an opportunity for students to fundraise for the organisation as part of their community work. After all the money raised goes to support TaLI work in the community especially for the less priviledged, vulnerable girls, young women and youths in our communities.

Can i create merchandise to sale at my fundraising event?

Absolutely! You and your team can create awesome tshirts, wrist bands, whatever you like to wear as long as it has TaLI logo and carries our messages that agree with our mission. We will always require members to send us their messages they plan to print on their t-shirts to ensure they carry the message that we stand for. Use of logos for such activities has to be authorised from TaLI office before use.

Can i Invite TaLI team members to my event to speak?

Yes ofcourse, we would like to be there to support your event with testimonies and better understanding of our work. This will require planning in advance and also depending on the availability of resources for travels.

Can i be a long standing member?

Yes of absolutely! FoTaLI is driven by passion, and is also aware that some members will do the work for a certain period in their lives, and some for a long time. You are welcome to join as long as you like. Realising that your time you allocated to contribute is up? Not a problem, just get in touch with administration and we will be happy to note your membership withdrawal.

Can i Visit TaLI work in communities?

Yes indeed, you just have to arrange with the TaLI management team ahead of time. This often takes a couple of months to plan for. Communication with beneficiaries will be strictly through TaLI authorised management and nothing direct. This is to ensure compliance with the government and protection requirements for our community operations and also protecting beneficiaries from unwarranted non FoTaLI members who may have bad intentions.

How do i get in touch to become a member?

Fill up the Online form on this link: or simply send an email to

I’m Not confident yet about representing TaLI as a FoTaLI, where do i get information about the organisation?

Great question, more information on TaLI’s work is available on TaLI website;, but we’ve created an information kit HERE for members to acquaint themselves with the work. Please feel free to reach out to staff members on with further inquiries, or contact

Any other question? Feel free to send us a message on email or to ring us.