FoTaLI Members Benefits

  • Members get to touch children’s lives especially girls and young women, ensuring they get the services they require for a second chance at life.
  • Some members are connected personally to the issue of abuse and education as either past victims or knowing someone who’s gone through it, or they have daughters and they do not want to see them go through such horrific experiences, they find closure in assisting other girls and knowing they are contributing to their development and wellness.
  • Through strictly planned meetings with TaLI management and staff, they get to meet some of the beneficiaries/survivors whom they have helped.
  • They get to get FoTaLI badges and t-shirts.
  • They get to recruit others of their families and friends to join their circle of FoTaLI or invite them to start their own circle to contribute to TaLI.
  • If its students at Universities abroad or local, they get to get a direct experience of changing lives in Africa especially Zimbabwe.
  • More opportunities can be obtained, but it is important to note that this is about the girls and the young women, and TaLI remains committed to non compromising and progressive human rights supporters whose main drive is just to help children especially girls.