Climate Change and Environment

Girls and young women as well as women are the worst affected by environment degradation and climate change. Floods that also cause hunger often leave children and women are unable to serve themselves in the time of such crisis. They are left in poverty and are the ones who have the burden of looking for food. They are the ones who are responsible for cooking meaning distances to fetch firewood as well as fetching water. They have to participate in environment both as stewards and to come up with solutions to mitigate climate change that do not expose them to further vulnerabilities, and reduce their time on unpaid work. Through the Leadership Economic Mentorship Hubs (LEMHs), TaLI trains and equips young women and youths to understand issues of Environment and Climate Change. The organisation has lined up activities such as participating in tree planting, research and other programmes for
the young women to empower themselves with the knowledge of the issues. TaLI support local, national, regional and international efforts to preserve and advocate for environment and climate change and welcomes programming opportunities in this area for young women.