Psycho Social Support

  1.  Psycho Social Support (PSS): This programme has become a blood line of the organisa-tion as girls and young women face sexual abuse, child marriages, emotional and physical violence every day and contact us for help. Through the work we do in communities, the young women that we train and use of mainline and social media to address girls and young women’s issues, TaLI has become a known organisation that the public contacts to get help in instances where girls and young women go through the unfortunate of abuse. The organisation implements a multi-sectorial protocol that works with the government’s department of Social Services to respond to cases of abuse.
  2. To date more than 200 girls and young women victims of rape, physical violence and sexu-al abuse have received assistance. TaLI provides basic counselling to victims and their families, links them with health services to access Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to pre-vent HIV infections to immediately be put on ARVs for those already infected, links the vic-tims with the justice system thus the police and the courts, and supports in family reinte-gration. Provision of these services depend on availability of financial resources to recruit case workers, counsellors and financial assistance to the victims and their families for bus fares to access services, sometimes groceries and clothing.