Youths Engaging Local Leaders


Is a programme that supports youth leadership in their communities. This programme directly stems from our Leadership Economic Mentorship Hubs (LEMHs) where young people are trained in leadership and once trained, they then put these acquired leadership skills into action by providing solutions to local problems in both their communities and institutions of learning. The leadership programme which touches on Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Economic Empowerment, Life Skills, Governance and Accountability issues provide an all rounded young leader the ability to identify their own leadership potential and passions across our thematic areas and implement these community projects under TaLI guidance and support. With an 80%  to 100% young women enrolment at any given point in the LEMHs leadership training, the young women include survivors of child marriages, young women family heads, survivors of sexual abuse and other vulnerabilities such as sex work. The young leaders are expected to work in collaboration with their local leaders for both support and advise, and also recruit fellow youths thus each young leader is expected to recruit and work with atleast 20 youths; boys and girls in their communities.

Such YELL programmes that they implement include running peace building campaigns, income generating projects for survivors of the various vulnerabilities, addressing gender norms that expose girls and young women to vulnerabilities, social services such as clean up campaigns, mobilising community and working with council to address lighting, safety issues in their communities. The idea is to change the long standing narrative of young women being invisible in public life as leaders. This raises young women leaders who can take up various positions of leadership in their communities and nation, and provide solutions to their problems at the same time working with local leaders to learn and advance intergenerational leadership.